Cummins RS30 – 30kW Quiet Connect™ Series

Commercial and Home Generator

Features and benefits of the Cummins RS30

Robust product design and testing

The Cummins RS30 generator is designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions including cold weather starts at as low as -40oF. The Cummins RS30 generator is tested and certified per the latest EPA, UL and IBC Seismic standards and is capable of meeting NFPA110 requirements when equipped with the necessary accessories and properly installed.

Flexible Exercise mode

The innovative, flexible exercise mode enables the generator to exercise at a time, frequency and duration that suits the customer’s preference – as little as 2 minutes every 6 months – reducing unnecessary fuel consumption, emissions and noise.

Advanced Enclosure Design

The aesthetically appealing enclosure incorporates special designs that deliver the quietest generator of its kind.
Aluminum material plus durable powder coat paint provides the best anti-corrosion performance. The Cummins RS30 generator enclosure has been evaluated to withstand 180 MPH wind loads in accordance with ASCE7-10. The intelligent design has removable panels and service doors to provide easy access for service and maintenance.

Self-diagnostics and easy service

The Cummins RS30 30kW generator is equipped with Cummins PowerCommand electronic control to provide industry-leading self-diagnostic capabilities. In addition, critical components of the Cummins generator are designed to ensure service and preventive maintenance can be completed in a short period of time.

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